Knowing Good SEO from Bad SEO

Knowing Bad SEO From Good SEO: An Update

It is 2019, but sadly, some digital marketers are still engaged in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices that are either outdated or have never worked even before.

This is a perennial problem that just won’t go away, and we can do little to convince digital marketers who don’t want to change because they’re stubborn about changing their old beliefs.

But if you believe that you’re not like these people who don’t like the idea of change because it challenges people’s equilibrium, then we definitely have some guidance for you. It’s time to know the bad SEO from the good SEO – today.

How are you performing keyword research?

 keyword research

In an ideal world, people won’t have to deal with the difficulties of bucketing and actually using keywords, because people would be able to find what they need immediately. Take the keyword SEO Company New York as an example, what would it take to rank this particular keyword?

The Internet is far less than ideal, and we have to make do with the limits of the technology that we have right now.

And one of the limits is the fact that machine learning doesn’t really ‘understand’ human language, it can only approximate meaning by building contextual links between ideas. Google’s strength comes from its machine learning software and AI, but the AI itself is still in its infancy.

That’s why it’s imperative that we take a look at how you are performing keyword targeting with your content. The old strategy had everything to do with collecting the most viable keywords by checking out how many monthly searches they have, and how competitive these keywords are so you can estimate how much you will be spending when you run paid search listings for these keywords.

If you come from the old school of keyword research, you probably have no issues with using just one high search volume and competitive keyword for your content.

And this is precisely what the problem is: you are using just one keyword. Your content, as far as we are concerned, can contain a handful of important and relevant keywords, as these will help Google index and identify your content as being relevant to particular searches.

Repeating one keyword again and again just for the sake of repeating it may not be the best approach. However, if  you combine your main keyword with other keywords that are just as relevant to what you are trying to convey, we can assure you that you will be getting much better results overall.


What is semantic search?

semantic search

We must a variety of relevant keywords because search engines include a semantic search each time they run a search for a keyword phrase. Semantic search is aimed at identifying the general topic of a piece of content, and this shuffles the top pages according to the keyword that was actually used by the user.

How do you find related keywords? Well, you can use an SEO tool or if you’d like to see the top keywords for a search term that you have been itching to utilize to promote your website, go to Google and do a search using the base keyword and simply scroll down to see the suggested searches below.

Suggested searches have been pre-indexed and these keyword variations are there to speed up people’s search for information. Neat right? It’s great because you know exactly how people are phrasing and re-phrasing their queries to arrive at increasingly more specific results.

The trend in search has always been broad to specific, because this is simply how people look for information.

In the beginning they have a general query in mind, they type that in Google, and when they realize that they need something more specific, they engage in another search, and so on, until they hit the information that truly answers their questions.


How does your content interact with customers?

 consumer content

Take a look at websites that dominate the field of providing information to customers. All that content actually interacts with people long before they even email or call the companies to ask if they are available to handle any projects.

What many digital marketers forget that content isn’t just there to provide information – it is part of the branding. It’s like an extension of the business owner, or the sales staff of a company. When people love the content on a website, all that happiness and trust flows to the originator or creator of the content – you.

This is why it is never enough to ‘just’ give people ‘some content.’ The content has to be able to carry the brand and interact with potential customers in such a way that they see EAT – expertise, authority, and trust.

The EAT principle is huge on the Internet, where there are simply too many websites, and it can be confusing to pick which website or business to trust. You can take care of that mind fog by making it clear to your customers that you are indeed the best, and here’s our topnotch content to prove our point.


Have you checked your website’s UX?

 Website UX

UX or user experience refers to the ease at which users can actually access and utilize a website for whatever purpose they see fit. So there are two domains here: what the users want to do on your website, and what your website actually delivers. There is a gray area that is often missed when trying to connect these two domains, and that is UX.

It’s hard to believe that Google has radically shifted so much that it is taking UX into consideration when ranking results. We know why: because Google wants people to have the best possible experience when using search engines, and slow, and unresponsive sites have no place in the top results.

Another issue on the web development side is the use of material design, which allows websites to automatically resize and adapt to the screen size of the user’s device. With more than 50% of queries coming in from mobile devices, it is easy to understand why Google has finally adopted a mobile first policy, where the mobile versions of websites are always displayed first in SERPs.

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How to Design Your Own Hoodie

Design Your Own HoodieWhile there are some differences in the technical aspects of printing designs on shirts and on hoodies, the design guidelines of balance, minimalism, and complementary colors remain. Let’s explore how you can create the best designs for custom hoodies, either for personal use or for retail.

Now, before we head over to the design guidelines, we know that you have the option of selecting a pre-made template design for your hoodie. This is completely fine, if you can find a finished design that suits your taste.

There’s a reason why custom hoodie and shirt websites have a database of designs – they want the process to be as painless as possible.

And not everyone will know how to create their own designs, so having ready-made designs is definitely a plus for casual custom shirt buyers.

Even in brick and mortar outlets, they will offer you several albums of designs to choose from, plus they’ll ask you if you want additional line/s of text to be added to the final design.

Getting inspiration

 Unless you already have an idea for your shirt design, this is usually the most challenging part of designing a custom shirt – where will the concept come from? Each shirt design is based on a concept, however small, and is expanded by through the art itself. In short, you can’t just throw in random objects into your design and expect it to look good.

Now that we have those out of the way, let’s talk about where you can get inspiration for your designs.

If you are creating a design from scratch, it’s obvious that you need to create the concept from bottom up. But do not fret; there are quite a number of potential sources of inspiration for hoodie design: real life, books, films, TV, comics, cartoons, popular culture and history.

These are massive areas of culture that have nearly bottomless archives for any shirt designer. Obviously, people love witty shirts (and you probably do, too), so that makes your job easier as a designer.

How to make your hoodie design work

  1. Answer the question – why? –

    Everyone has a reason for wanting a custom hoodie. And for the most part, the reasons why people want one revolve around some form or degree of self-branding.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with personal branding. Personal branding sets you out from the crowd, where other folks are wearing plain brands and art that are quite common in the shirt retail industry. Wearing a hoodie with a unique design can be such a powerful statement, indeed.

But then again, we need to answer the question – why do you want to brand yourself? What is the purpose of the design on the hoodie?

Think long and hard. For the most part, you can only drive home one message per hoodie or shirt. So the design has to be spot on, and it has to align with your main idea for the personal branding.

Still having a hard time? Get a piece of paper and list down words and themes that you think are appropriate for the design that you want to create. Remember – concept comes first before the actual design. A concept can be a theme, statement, word or even an entire story that you want to tell using your hoodie.

Play around with this new list of ideas. Cross out stuff that you don’t want and keep the ones that seem to be getting warmer to what you want to achieve.

Think hard: what exactly do you want to achieve with the design? This will reduce your list of ideas further until you finally hit that central concept that will allow you to finally create the design.

  1. Seek out the content of your design. –

    For the most part, art is a journey in experimentation. There has never been an art project that was straightforward. Even simple sketches are exciting to create because they will take you to various directions and spaces, before the actual art begins to manifest itself.

Don’t settle for your first sketch or design. Create multiple versions of the first design. Play around with the size and color. Add and reduce elements.

And don’t forget that your design is going to be printed on the fabric of a hoodie. Decide where you want to place the design – on the front or on the back? Also decide – how big is the design going to be?

The details of art can be changed to suit its final printing dimension. Art that has too many small details may not create the same impact as a toned down design with simpler elements and a more minimalistic streak.

  1. Promoting a product or service? –

    Hoodies are considered premium promotional materials because they’re highly functional, they can look great if designed well and everyone could use a new hoodie, right?

Design Your Own Hoodies

If you are designing a hoodie to promote a business, cause, charity or nonprofit, the main challenge here is to get people interested in what the branding is about. This applies most especially to nonprofit organizations and other cause-oriented groups that encourage people to volunteer for humanitarian causes and other worthy endeavors.

The safest and most effective route would be through humor. By humor, what we want is to make people smile when they see the design and at the same time, we want them to have an immediate, emotional response to the message itself, which is at the core of the branding.

Pure promotion of products and services works in the same manner. Your main aim is to create a strong emotional response from people that will attach them to the main message.

For example, there is this old advertisement for Pepsi where a small boy buys two Coca-Colas from a vending machine and proceeds to step on the two Coca-Cola cans so he can press the button for Pepsi. He takes the Pepsi afterward and walks away, leaving the two Coca-Cola cans unattended on the pavement.


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The Easiest Ways To Know What To Pawn For Top Dollar

When you are looking at working with a pawn solution, you should know what to offer if you want to make some money. If you are looking at making some money with pawn solutions, you may want to look into focusing on what pawn shops want.

There are some things that they will want and some things that they will not want to pay for. Knowing what they want will help you gather some things and will ensure that you are able to get top dollar for anything that you are pushing through.

If you’re looking at getting paid outright or you want to get a loan, you’ll need to look at a few notes that will make the process a lot easier to manage. The easiest way to pawn for top dollar, and ensure that you are going to get forward progress will be defined by the following few ideas.

Look For A Website

Pawn ShopThe first thing that you can do is look for a website from the local company that you want to work with. If they have a website they will most likely have a lot of options to consider and will help you make certain that you have something that they actually want.

Now, not every single pawn shop has a site, and that’s ok. However, the first thing that you will want to do is look into the options to see if you can get a helping hand with figuring out what solution is best for you. Look for a website, note what they are looking for, and see if there are any specials that the company is running at the present. This will help you garner forward progress overall.

Consider Competitors

Another way that you can find out what a company wants is to look into the competitors that they have. Look online for options that are near you and that are competing with the shop that you want to work with. By doing this, you will be able to see what others are paying top dollar for, and will help you garner a great deal of success when it comes time to sell something or get a loan solution. Considering competitors overall will highlight the average solution that most people consider overall.

Call The Company

Not sure what to sell, not sure what a company wants? Simply call them! That’s right, all you have to do is calling the company that you want to work with, and you’ll be able to get the answer firsthand. Ask them what they are seeking, and what they are willing to buy and even garner for lending. This is going to pay off dividends, and will no doubt be able to help you focus on what to gather together.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that the easiest way to get to work with a pawn solution is to look into contacting the shop you want to work with. That’s going to be the easiest overall.


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Using A Pawn Solution To Get Paid For Your Jewelry – Even The Old Items

The popularity of pawn solutions has come through with a great deal of television shows, and more. You can easily turn on cable television and see shows about pawn solutions from the world over. This is a great thing, as it shines light on the options that people aren’t always aware of, including the opportunity to get paid for items that you never knew were valuable.

Just like the shows that you see, many people will find that they can get paid for items online, through trusted resources. For instance, you’ll want to look into, as they could help you get paid for your jewelry. If you’ve never used this resource or any pawn solution, then perhaps a few notes will help you get some understanding about what you can do, moving forward.

Easy Access To A Loan

PAwnn ShopThe first thing that you’re going to find to be true about your old jewelry and using a pawn solution is that you can get a loan fast. The lending solutions that come with, are focused on the quality of the items that you have. Not everything that you may think has value, will have value, and that’s something to consider. Furthermore, you should know that loans are still in need to be paid back, unlike selling outright.

When you work with a lender of this type, you will be putting up your jewelry for collateral. That means that the value of your items are going to be assessed and will help you get the right amount of money for your overall needs. Now, you will have to give up your items for a short time, as they will be held by the company. As long as you make your payments, and pay back the loan, you will end up receiving your items back, which makes this an advantageous solution.

The Benefit of a Loan

The biggest thing about working with a loan is that you’ll be able to do all of this without having to deal with problems that others have to deal with. You see, the average individual that goes to a bank will have to deal with credit history.

A bank will look to see the history of a person’s credit and will try to figure out whether a person is worthy of getting cash. Most often, that sinks the opportunity for people, and they end up losing out. If you don’t have good credit, even if you made some improvements recently, you may still get declined for a loan. Getting declined is no fun, but that’s why you can work with another solution.

When you work with, you don’t have to work with anything associated with credit history at all. As long as you agree with the terms of your loan, pay things back appropriately, and work with the right solutions, you will end up with a serious option to get paid for your jewelry. Even if it’s broken, dusty, old, or unused. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s pure precious metal, you’ll end up with a great deal of money, whether a loan or outright payment.

Why Motivational Speakers are Effective

There is always something in human nature that gravitates towards beauty, truth, and purpose. Discontentment and unhappiness set in if a person does not get his fill on all three. His life has to have a sense of purpose or direction. His life has to have beauty and meaning. He must also know certain truths in order to understand life and the world. In the absence of one of these, he will feel that he was born to suffer—to suffer in his meaning lessness, ignorance, and squalor.

Motivational Speaker

It is easy to feel that life has no purpose or meaning. It is also easy to find ugliness in the world. Working eight to ten hours a day doing the same thing over and over can always make one feel the aimlessness of life. However, businesses require tasks to be done according to what they require.

Employees are therefore always required to do what is asked and assigned. A majority of people in the rank and file may find it demoralizing that they have to do the same things over and over when perhaps new technology can be devised to take their place. The task may kill their creativity and dull their intelligence if it is too repetitive and does not require intellect.

Even members of management may feel the same way if the procedures and protocol do not call for their initiative and participation.

Low morale in the workplace can be very contagious. If it spreads, people lose their focus on their work. Some may think of leaving their jobs. Others will be in despair thinking of their unfortunate fate. A work environment with such low spirits will mean low productivity and quality. Once this is identified, companies must act to lift the spirits of its employees, otherwise, the business will suffer.
Companies benefit a lot from hiring motivational speakers to boost the morale of their employees. Motivational speakers are effective in doing this.

Here are the reasons why:

They give them hope.

It is too easy for employees to feel stuck in their present jobs and career paths. Doing the same job over and over again for years may start to feel that one is not getting any progress. However, motivational speakers will tell employees about the power of compounding. If one has served over the years and has endured stressful situations at work, that person has more in terms of knowledge, experience, and character. Therefore, although a person may feel stuck, he is actually a work in progress—ready for bigger things.

They tell employees that there are many ways to grow. They encourage employees to do their jobs excellently because it stretches them and they become more capable of taking greater responsibilities.

They radiate positivity.

public-speaking-iconMotivational speakers radiate positive energy. They tell their audience that they too can have it if they think positive thoughts. They explain that thinking positive thoughts mean counting one’s blessings and having the faith to overcome problems. Some speakers even appeal to religious beliefs to bring home this point. In order not to be overcome by negativity is to have faith that problems and even misfortune can be overcome.

They emphasize altruism.

Corporate culture is tough. There are companies where aspirants to climbing the corporate ladder believe that to succeed will mean eradicating their competition and enemies at all costs. One must be tough enough to ignore or quiet his conscience in order to fulfill his dream. This creates an environment that is rife with tension and conflict.

Motivational speakers are very good at emphasizing that in order to succeed, one must give what one wishes to obtain. Therefore, if one must climb the corporate ladder, he must also help and lift others to climb it. They bring back the faith that ethical practice, in the end, still wins.

They are truly excellent in empowering and motivating employees. They teach people to look for the beauty and purpose in their lives. They also remind people of certain truths that seem to have been forgotten., provides tips on how to choose the top motivational speakers for your conference. You can visit our website and contact with us.

Basic Golf Equipment

Most people are already familiar with the more important pieces of golf equipment. Even those who do not play the game already have an idea of what golf balls and golf clubs look like and what they are used for.

The golf ball is that tiny round ball full of dimples. The dimples improve performance by affecting the ball’s trajectory, spin, feel, and distance. Aside from the design, the materials used in the golf ball’s production also have an impact on the golf ball’s performance.

Golf Equipment

The clubs are those long sticks that have a huge mass at the end. These are the pieces of equipment people use in order to strike the golf ball when playing a game. The four kinds of golf clubs are the wood, iron, putter and hybrid. Each type of club has a particular use that addresses a specific need. Putters for example are used on the green in order to make the ball roll into the hole.

Of course, there’s more to the game than these two pieces of golfing equipment. Other pieces of Golf equipment are less popular among most people, but nevertheless perform important functions. Here are some of the lesser known pieces of golfing equipment and their functions.

Club head covers

Club head covers are those pieces of equipment that are similar in shape to a sock. They are often seen covering the club heads of a golf club. These club head covers may strike the unfamiliar with nothing more than some sort of extravagance. Golf players actually use club head covers for certain practical reasons.

The first reason why gold players use club head covers is protection. The golf club is a precision instrument for a game that demands precision. Club head covers are used to protect the golf club’s head from damage when placed in a golf bag. Carrying a golf bag around typically causes the clubs to bang against each other. The lack of a cover usually means that the golf club’s head damage or dent each other. The club head cover is the piece of golf equipment used to prevent any sort of dents or scratches.

The second reason is ease of recognition. Golfers typically carry with them several clubs, up to a maximum of fourteen clubs. The club head covers make it easier for golfers to identify which club is which.

Ball washers

Golf balls, like golf clubs, are precisions pieces of equipment. Ball washers are used to wash the golf ball. Golf balls acquire dirt when they land especially when they fly at a high level and reach a far off distance.

Golf Equipment setIt may not seem much to non-golfers, but a dirty golf ball can have a huge impact on the ball’s performance. In order to avoid having to use a poorly performing golf ball, a golfer is permitted, under certain circumstances, to clean a ball. The reason for this is that golfers are, as a general, not allowed to pick up their ball as they are required to play the ball as it lies.

Ball washers exist in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Some ball washers for example are mounted on golf carts. Most gold courses come standard with a ball cleaners mounted on stands located near the tee box for each hole.

Range finders

Range finders are new and high tech pieces of golfing equipment that are employed by golfers to measure their distance from the hole. It makes precise measurements to give golfers a better idea of how well they perform. It also provides them with much needed information and insight to compose a strategy for approaching a particular hole.
The current rules ban the use of range finders in most games. However, the USGA permits certain course clubs to implement their own rules on rangefinders. This particular piece of golf equipment is commonly used by golfers who are either practicing to improve their game or recreational golfers.

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How to Do Nassau County property search

property searchNassau County is one of the hotspots in the state of New York City. So, if you’re thinking of investing in real estate in New York, it would be a good idea to do a Nassau County property search.

Nassau is cheaper than New York City but it is also loaded with economic and entertainment hotspots.

This county is a good place for those who are retiring, building a family, or just looking for something to invest in.


Here are some tips on how to do a Nassau County property search:


1.Know how much you’re willing to spend in a Nassau real estate property.

Before you do a Nassau County property search, you must first determine how much you are willing to pay for a real estate property and how are you going to pay for it. Are you going to pay for it in cash or are you going to borrow from a bank or a home mortgage company? Before you contact a broker or check listings, you must determine your budget. This will make the search easier.

2.Know what you want.

To find the property that’s right for you, you have to know what you want. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Are you looking for a flat, a family house, a multi-family compound, a business space, or a vacant lot? Determining what you want beforehand will make it easier for you to find the property that’s right for you. Before you do the actual property search, you have to be clear as to what you want.

3.Determine which part of Nassau you want to live in.

As you probably know by now, Nassau is a huge county. So, you have to be specific, where do you want to live? If you’re still clueless, here’s our list of the best cities in Nassau County:

  • Garden City – This is a beautiful city that’s filled with trees and flowers. It is the home of many millionaires. This scenic city’s economy is thriving. So, if you’re after business opportunities or career growth, it’s a good idea to move here.
  • Hicksville – This hamlet is safe and it’s economically stable. It is currently the home of many famous people including Billy Joel.
  • Malverne – Studies show that Malverne is one of the safest villages in New York and in the United States. So, if you’re thinking of building a family, this is a good place to live in.
  • Albertson – This is a peaceful hamlet that’s known for its safe neighborhood and rich history.
  • Bayville – This is also known as Pine Island. It is located in Oyster Bay. This lovely village was established in 1919 and it currently has a high per capita income.
  • Baldwin – This scenic hamlet is located on the south shore of the Long Island.
  • Elmont – This is a chic suburban bedroom community located in Hempstead. It’s loaded with good schools.


4.Hire a reputable real estate agent.

The most traditional way to do a Nassau County property search is to hire a real estate agent. An experienced agent can help you get the best deal. He/she can also help you with your paperwork, especially if you are a first time buyer.

County property search

But, not all real estate agents are the same. You have to find a real estate agent who has a good tracked record. You also need to make sure that you are dealing with a licensed and accredited agent.

It would help if you can ask for recommendations from friends who have recently purchased a real estate property in Nassau. It is also important to hire a reputable and honest real estate agent.

5.Check online MLS search engines.

Multiple listing service or MLS is something that people use to look for agents and properties. MLS search engines are easy to use and convenient.

They contain detailed information about the properties – location, current owner, size, features, photos, etc. MLS websites are credible and they contain a wide variety of commercial and residential properties that you can choose from.

If you need help in looking for a property in Nassau County, you should contact us. We are experts in Nassau County property search.

We have a list of all the good properties that you can purchase in Long Island and other parts of New York. We have a team of reputable, accredited, and experienced real estate agents that will help you get the best deal.